• A Movie Intransigent

    (scavenged from an earlier, now-defunct, blog) Spoiler Alert! – Major plot elements are discussed in this review. Don’t read this if you intend on watching the movie! The Argentinian film Amor en transito (Love in Transit), directed and co-written by Lucas Blanco has all the promises of a great romance – namely, a beautiful female lead and an ugly male one. Actually, multiply this by two – with Sabrina Garciarena as the elusive, mercurial Mercedes, and Veronica Pelaccini as the defeated, defensive Micaela. Garciarena is well-cast here – pale, cool and diamond-hard. Pelaccini, on the other hand, is a

  • What I’m Watching – “Journey to My Boy” (아들에게 가는 길)

    This is a movie about disability (both parents are deaf), and the cruelties of children. The director (Choi Wi-an) has a careful and steady eye for detail, and some of the scenes were beautiful. There is a saying in Korean that “a love between a parent and child is like a river, because it only flows in one direction.” Here, the mother (Kim Eun-ju as Bo-hyun) loves her son as much as she hates her own mother for cruelties inflicted on her as a deaf child. But those cruelties were borne of love. And Bo-hyun’s desperate need for