notes for a possible piece about 심은하


8월의 크리스마스 (Christmas in August) (1998)
미술관 옆 동물원 (Art Museum by the Zoo) (1998)
A very nice review (in English) by Anthony Leong.
청춘의 덫 (Trap of Youth) (1999)
텔 미 섬딩 (Tell Me Something) (1999)
인터뷰 (Interview) (2000)

심은하 married 지상욱, a conservative politician.
지상욱 lost his seat in 2020 in a closely-fought election, losing to 박성준 by 5,771 votes.

심은하 campaigning for her husband.

Question: how much of an effect did 지상욱’s marriage to 심은하 have on his standing as a politician? Conventional wisdom seems to think that it was considerable.