Links and Thinks 2021-05-25

1) Regarding the Nikole Hannah-Jones tenure denial:

Board of Trustees Chairman Richard Stevens said last week that the board didn’t deny Hannah-Jones tenure. It merely didn’t act on the recommendation because at least one member had questions about her qualifications for a lifetime appointment.


2) Discussion about Ramin Bahrani’s film White Tiger – adapted from Aravind Adiga’s novel (in Korean)

3) Recently, I’ve been using the Obsidian notes app rather obsessively
– Files exist as markdown files, a definite plus.
– You can connect files in a wiki-esque manner, and view the relationship in a rather awesome “graph view”
– Eminently modifiable (including community plugins)
– There is a plugin called Sliding Panes – a little difficult to explain what that does, but it is fantastic

4) Other writing apps I’ve been trying out:

5) Papers to read:
Base editing: advances and therapeutic opportunities
Sustained coevolution of phage Lambda and Escherichia coli involves inner- as well as outer-membrane defences and counter-defences | Microbiology Society