• A bit more of this, a bit more of that

    A little bit of art… Alan Moore is done with comic books. There were an awful lot of headlines saying ‘Comics Have Grown Up’. I tend to think that, no, comics hadn’t grown up. There were a few titles that were more adult than people were used to. But the majority of comics titles were pretty much the same as they’d ever been. It wasn’t comics growing up. I think it was more comics meeting the emotional age of the audience coming the other way.

  • Why I can’t read ebooks

    From a technological point of view, my reading habits have definitely regressed. I still buy plenty of books, but only those made from trees. My ebook purchases have fallen to zero, and this has been true for several years now. This is probably music to publishers’ ears (but not to bookstore owners because in the same period, I have not bought a single book in a physical bookstore). There was a time when I bought many an ebook, but – let me be very honest with you – I have not read a single one of them from digital cover

  • Brave New Waterworld

    So, I was interested to read this Twitter thread from Yishan Wong regarding desalination technology. If you want to know the next big thing in "real atoms" investment macro-trends, I'll tell you right now.(1/x)— Yishan (@yishan) May 11, 2021 To summarize: 1) Water is fundamental to life, and water scarcity will continue to be a critical issue. 2) The per kwh cost of producing energy by solar is now lower than from fossil fuels, and continues to fall at a rate of 50% every 4-5 years. 3) It is now cheaper to build a new

  • Links and Thinks 2021-05-25

    1) Regarding the Nikole Hannah-Jones tenure denial: Board of Trustees Chairman Richard Stevens said last week that the board didn’t deny Hannah-Jones tenure. It merely didn’t act on the recommendation because at least one member had questions about her qualifications for a lifetime appointment. Oookay…. 2) Discussion about Ramin Bahrani’s film White Tiger – adapted from Aravind Adiga’s novel (in Korean) 3) Recently, I’ve been using the Obsidian notes app rather obsessively – Files exist as markdown files, a definite plus. – You can connect files in a wiki-esque manner,

  • Tech Note to Self

    1) Apple Mail to Reminders Note to self – drag an email from Mac to Reminders app to get a link to the specific email. It indents to previous reminder – but can right-click to outdent it. HOWEVER, if you drag a CONVERSATION, only the title of email will copy over (not the link to specific email). 2) command-k for links in Markdown Why did I not know about this? 3) command-enter in Tweetbot To send tweet.

  • Tech Note to Self: Zoom

    When scheduling meetings on Zoom, if you wish to change the default settings (e.g. Video > Host from “Off” to “On”), you have to change it from the web interface. On a Mac, open the Zoom app and go to: Preferences > Profile > View Advanced Features.