• Scientific publishing

    1) This exchange argues that the removal of peer review will: (1) remove their [ ficional ] value as a career currency (2) will improve speed of resaerch communications (3) save a lot of time for reviewers AND readers 2) Michael Eisen on: a) the problems with the APC model b) society journals 3) “Time to end parachute science” “In geoscience, only 30% of articles from Africa had an African author [7]. In the field of coral reef biology, 40% of publications that contained fieldwork conducted in Indonesia or in the Philippines did

  • Ideoplagiarism and policymaking

    대한민국 교육부장관 박순애 관한 표절논란 기사가 많이 떴는데 여기서 가장 중요한 포인트는 셀프 표절이다 (self-plagiarism). The fancy word for this is “ideoplagiarism.” Now, plagiarism per se is an indefensible act in academia – where people peddle in the currency of ideas, it is nothing less than thievery. However, self-plagiarism – I would argue – is a different kettle of fish. One of the things that got 박순애 in trouble is that she took a paper that she published, I believe, as a doctoral student at the University of Michigan and translated it into Korean and republished in 한국정치학회보, and

  • Links and Thinks 2021-05-25

    1) Regarding the Nikole Hannah-Jones tenure denial: Board of Trustees Chairman Richard Stevens said last week that the board didn’t deny Hannah-Jones tenure. It merely didn’t act on the recommendation because at least one member had questions about her qualifications for a lifetime appointment. Oookay…. 2) Discussion about Ramin Bahrani’s film White Tiger – adapted from Aravind Adiga’s novel (in Korean) 3) Recently, I’ve been using the Obsidian notes app rather obsessively – Files exist as markdown files, a definite plus. – You can connect files in a wiki-esque manner,