January 2023

  • Yoon Jung Hee (윤정희), the actress, has died. She was in Lee Chang-dong’s “Poetry” (시), an unrelenting movie that tears your heart to pieces.

  • Complete clusterf**k at US Soccer. God save us from soccer moms and dads. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4ouVmmwONc

  • Leigh at the BBC

    Watching Mike Leigh’s BBC movies (God bless Criterion). So far, I’ve watched four – Hard Labour, Nuts in May, Abigail’s Party and Kiss of Death. All very good. Leigh’s humor is front and center here, and one is reminded how funny his films are. He’s not just a “purveyor of miserablism.” I still have four more to see (Who’s Who, Grown-Ups, Home Sweet Home and Four Days in July). 

  • Annus Horribilis

    Human intercourse ended Late twenty-nineteen With me (on Zoom) sipping ovaltine – Masked, gloved, all plans amended And fourteen days in quarantine. Up to then there’d only been An awkward sort of hug, A caress met with a shrug, Faire la bise? (she wasn’t keen) Not on this ugly mug. Then all at once, that virus bit: The whole world turned to stone, She found herself alone Coughing, gagging, sweat and spit, Then, chilled nastily to the bone. So life was never better than Early twenty-nineteen Together, in-person, somewhat keen Before conversation was completely banned And I