May 2021

  • Links and Thinks 2021-05-25

    1) Regarding the Nikole Hannah-Jones tenure denial: Board of Trustees Chairman Richard Stevens said last week that the board didn’t deny Hannah-Jones tenure. It merely didn’t act on the recommendation because at least one member had questions about her qualifications for a lifetime appointment. Oookay…. 2) Discussion about Ramin Bahrani’s film White Tiger – adapted from Aravind Adiga’s novel (in Korean) 3) Recently, I’ve been using the Obsidian notes app rather obsessively – Files exist as markdown files, a definite plus. – You can connect files in a wiki-esque manner,

  • Links and Thinks 2021-05-24

    1) Analyzing the vast coronavirus literature with CoronaCentral The overwhelming publication rate means that researchers are unable to keep abreast of the literature. To ameliorate this, we present the CoronaCentral resource that uses machine learning to process the research literature on SARS-CoV-2… We categorize the literature into useful topics and article types and enable analysis of the contents, pace, and emphasis of research during the crisis with integration of Altmetric data. 2) The Few Sentences That Explain Much of What Went Wrong With Our Pandemic Response – Insight A very good piece by